Care cap to start in 2016

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Care cap to start in 2016

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The Government is bringing forward the cap on social care costs, which was originally planned to be set at £75,000 and introduced in 2017, but will now be set at £72,000 and start a year earlier.

The cap will still apply only to care costs, not accommodation costs.  In addition, a person will have to meet the Local Authority’s eligibility criteria and only the cost of care as set by the Local Authority will count towards the cap – not the actual cost of care that someone may be being charged.

We have a ‘care cap calculator’ which meant that we can work out how these changes might affect you.  Just call us, or send an email, letting us know where you live (or the part of the UK where care will be provided if this is different) and whether this is likely to be residential or nursing care and we will run the calculation for you.