Think you understand the care cap?

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Think you understand the care cap?

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Then you are in the minority.

Research recently commissioned by the Financial Times suggests that the care cap of £72,000 – intended to bring clarity and certainty to long-term care from April 2016 – is poorly understood, with thousands of people dangerously overestimating the new state safety net.

The FT commissioned a poll of people likely to need care in the next few years.  The results showed a high level of confusion over what costs will be covered, leaving many at risk of a financial shock.

Amongst the findings:

  • 53% did not know the level of the care cap.
  • 69% believed ‘accommodation costs’ such as food and board count towards the care cap. They don’t.
  • 32% believed the total cost of care would count towards the cap when in fact only the amount the Local Authority would be prepared to pay counts towards it.
  • 52% believed the clock would start ticking as soon as care is needed. This is not the case as it is likely to apply only to people with ‘substantial’ care needs.


It is this confusion that will leave thousands of families totally unprepared and feeling they have been misled.  Call our advice line free on 0800 082 1155 and we will help remove the confusion.

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