Tory manifesto – more will have to pay for their own care

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Tory manifesto – more will have to pay for their own care

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So, a person’s property would no longer be a disregarded asset if they need care in their own home?  But everyone will be allowed to keep £100,000 of their wealth to pass onto their beneficiaries?  The devil will be in the detail for sure.

There is no mention that we can find of whether tariff income will still be charged when a person’s capital reaches this proposed new £100,000 limit and, if so, whether the lower capital limit will be raised from £14,250? If tariff income remains as is, and the lower limit is not raised by a significant amount, then that £100,000 is still at risk.  A contribution of about £340 per week from capital would be required in addition to a person’s income.

Nor is there mention of whether a property will still be disregarded if a spouse (not needing any care) remains living in the property while the other spouse moves into a care home and would currently be funded by the Local Authority (if their other capital is under £23,250). If that’s the case, you will surely see one half of a married couple move into a care home much sooner than they would have done under the current system so that the full value of the property stays protected?!

And we would just slightly correct Mr Dilnot’s comment in certain media coverage that ‘you can’t insure care costs’ – you can; just at the point of need rather than in advance.